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Contacting XOS Digital Customer Support
  • Java Support Alert: Chrome and Firefox are no longer fully supporting Java. This means PlayerOnDemand users can longer download video from POD using either Chrome or Firefox as their browser. However, other features of POD will continue to work fine with Chrome and Firefox. Users who want to download video from POD must use Internet Explorer version 11. Visit to verify the most recent version is installed.
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    Support Tools & Tests
    • Windows Media Encoder 9
    • Test of Client WAN Connection to the XOS Digital Data Center
      • The following link will perform the following tests:
        • • Local Firewall port Test
        • • Ability to connect to the XOS Digital data Center
        • • Bandwidth available for file uploads and downloads
        • Notes
        • • Java must be installed and working to run this test
        • • It may take ~15 seconds or so for the Java Client to download
      • Java for Windows OS
        • This link will verify that you have the latest version of Java for Windows. If not it will proceed to download and install the latest java for Windows.
        • Notes
        • • You do NOT need to install the Bing toolbar.
      • Java for Mac OS
        • To install the latest version of Java on your Mac you need to choose the Software Updates option.
        • This option is under the Apple menu and let Apple install the latest version of Java if it is not already present.
      • Flash for Windows OS
      • Flash for Mac OS